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Humans did not “brush” their teeth for thousands of years. In fact, it has only been in recent memory that we have been told to even brush our teeth, chastised if we don’t, and scared we’d lose our teeth as well. So why do we need to brush our teeth now? After all, the substance of our teeth has not changed. So what did change?

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Ancient people did not have cavities or teeth problems, and as far as we know, they did not brush their teeth. Why is this?

  • Diet. Ancient people ate no processed foods. They ate fresh meat and made their own products from wheat, rice, and, eventually, corn. They ate whatever vegetables or fruits that they could grow. There were no artificial flavors that would stain the teeth or harsh chemicals to erode them. These foods also contain nutrients that would actually make their teeth stronger and resistant to cavities.
  • No dental plaque. Because of their diet, ancient people had no plaque buildup, which led to cavities and tooth decay. In fact, they ate a lot of fibrous food, which actually helped to clean the teeth and bacteria away.
  • Nutrients. Ancient people, although they only had a select number of foods, they got all of the vitamins they needed from those foods. Nowadays, many people are lacking these same vitamins that make teeth strong and resistant to cavities.


  • Diet. Nowadays, our diet is rich in refined and simple sugars, all of which can cause cavities unless we brush our teeth.
  • Gastric problems. Ancient people very rarely had gastric problems, which is also related to diet. Indigestion and acid reflux disease, often caused by our diets, can cause acid to rise up to our mouth and cause cavities.
  • Smoking. Smoking not only yellows your teeth, but it also can cause oral cancer and weaken your gums.
  • Drinks. We drink a lot of drinks with sugar in them, which in essence baths our teeth perpetually in sugar, which cavity-loving bacteria love.


As long as you eat a modern diet full of processed food and sugary drinks, if you don’t brush your teeth for one year, you will most likely develop cavities and/or the beginnings of periodontal disease, or gum disease. Both can cause you to eventually lose your teeth. Other problems can occur as well when you have a ton of bad bacteria just sitting in your mouth. If bacteria enters the bloodstream, you can have respiratory diseases, such as pneumonia, heart attack, and other types of infections.

However, people’s teeth are different, and some might not develop these problems. But they would most likely have bad breath and plaque buildup.


Shores Family Dentistry has been serving Fort Collins’ residents for over 30 years. We are a family dentistry, meaning we see kids from an early age all the way up to seniors. We love helping you keep your teeth healthy and bright, so you can keep them for a very long time. After all, you only have one set of permanent teeth, so you’d better take care of them!

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