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After a dental cleaning, you almost don’t want to eat to spoil the freshness of your mouth. You have nice pearly-white teeth, and you don’t want to ruin it. However, inevitably, your teeth will stain even after only a month of eating and drinking foods that cause tooth stains. So what should you do?

Shores Family Dentistry in Fort Collins offers the best dental care around. From bridges and crowns to dental implants and teeth whitening, we can help. Our family dentist office has over 30 years of experience in helping you maintain good oral hygiene. Below, we’ll offer up some tips on how to prevent stained teeth. Contact us today to get started!


Contrary to popular belief, your teeth are not meant to be white. Their natural color is light yellow to light yellow-red. However, as you age, your teeth darken even more. Your dentin is exposed as your surface enamel erodes, which more easily absorbs the color of food. Shores Family Dentistry in Fort Collins notes that stains also love to hold onto the plaque and tartar buildup in-between your teeth as well. Besides food, antibiotics, nicotine, a fever, or even your metabolism can contribute to teeth stains.


Give Up the Foods and Drink That Stain Your Teeth

For many of us, this isn’t really an option. After all, who doesn’t love the first cup of coffee in the morning or a glass of red wine after work? However, the acid in these drinks stick to the enamel of your tooth, or the outer layer. One tip is to brush your teeth after you consume these foods. This will help prevent it from sticking around long enough on your teeth to stay permanent.

Use Water

Drinking water or even milk after you eat can help to remove some of the food coloring before it sets in. You can also do a quick rinse of your mouth as well, which can help to rinse the residue of these foods off your teeth.


It’s amazing how good oral hygiene habits can prevent most tooth issues. Flossing will remove the food between your teeth and the plaque, which food stains love to grab a hold of. Not only will flossing help you with your tooth staining, but it will prevent cavities and go a long way towards preventing gingivitis as well.

Eat Foods that Counteract the Acids with the Acid Foods

Vegetables, fresh fruits, and green veggies will help you to counteract the effect of the acids on the foods that stain your teeth. Shores Family Dentistry notes that these foods help to protect your teeth by putting a protective layer on them. Cheese products can also help to neutralize the nasty acids that cause tooth stains.


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