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It is recommended by the American Dental Association to brush your teeth at least twice a day, often in the morning and at night. This will help keep your teeth clean and help prevent cavities and worse dental conditions, such as gingivitis. However, a lot of people are not properly brushing their teeth, and, instead, are making many mistakes.

Shores Family Dentistry in Fort Collins is a local dentist who cares about the oral health of our clients. We offer preventative care, which is your regular dental check up exam every six months or so, as well as more involved care for dental problems, such as root canals or wisdom tooth extraction. As a family dentist, our patients range from the first dental exams of toddlers on up to seniors. Below, we’ll continue our look at mistakes people make when brushing their teeth. Contact us today to get started!


Using the Wrong Toothbrush for Their Mouth

While teeth are teeth, not all toothbrushes are created equal. For choosing toothbrushes, you want a toothbrush that has soft bristles. The important thing is that the bristles have enough give in them in order to get under the gumline gently in order to get to the plaque that can cause gum disease and tooth decay. Furthermore, examine the size of the brush head. You’ll want to ensure it’s right for you, especially if you have a smaller mouth. Too big of a toothbrush head can be awkward and won’t get those hard to reach places that are usually where cavities form. Your toothbrush should be comfortable to hold. If your toothbrush is awkward to hold, you won’t wield it good enough to do more than a cursory job of cleaning your teeth. This is why it’s so very important for kids to have kids’ toothbrushes that fit their mouth.

You Brush Your Teeth Back and Forth

Many people brush their teeth in a linear fashion, scraping their toothbrush straight across their teeth. If you do this, you will miss most of your gum line. Shores Family Dentistry in Fort Collins recommends that you go in a circular motion, gently, on each individual tooth. That way, you can be sure your teeth are getting clean. And you don’t have to scrub your teeth. Plaque is soft and loose and is easily removed before it hardens. Gently brushing will remove all of the bad guys you need to remove and not do damage to your teeth.

In addition to brushing your teeth in a linear fashion, you need to be brushing your teeth at an angle for the most effective clean. It’s easier for the toothbrush to get below the gumline when you brush at an angle. This will prevent discoloration, as well as protect the gums from disease.

You Brush Too Soon After You Eat

This is a little known fact that most people just don’t realize and that our family dental practice strives to educate our patients on. After you eat, you should wait about 15 minutes or so before you brush. This is because your saliva has just started producing acids to help break down your food. If you rush to the bathroom to brush your teeth immediately after you are finished eating, you are effectively brushing acid all over your teeth, which is not very helpful when preventing cavities. However, if you rinse your mouth before you start brushing, then you should be good to go.


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