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As an adult, you want to look good in every way, from dressing nicely to eating healthy. However, if your teeth are crooked, misaligned, or yellow, odds are you may not feel so good about your smile. And since your smile is one of the first things people notice about you, you want to ensure it’s perfect.

Shores Family Dentistry in Fort Collins offers amazing dental care you can count on. We offer preventative maintenance dental services, which is your regular dental cleanings and exam, as well as your specialist dental care, from bridges and crowns to root canals and veneers. Below, we’ll continue our look at whether or not you need adult braces. Contact us today for your dental consultation!


Trouble Speaking

Your mouth, teeth, and tongue are integral to the speaking process. Even if you are missing one tooth, you may have trouble articulating words, which can mean others may have trouble understanding you.

Food Always is Getting Stuck

Proper cleaning of your teeth is integral to their care, function, and longevity over time. After all, gingivitis is caused by too much plaque and bacteria buildup on your teeth and in-between your teeth. If you are having a lot of trouble keeping your teeth clean, you could be causing trouble down the road. By investing in adult braces, you can make these problems disappear because food will not be getting stuck in inconvenient locations that you just can’t reach. It’s best to make an appointment with Shores Family Dentistry in Fort Collins for a dental consultation.

Jaw Pain or Other Types of Pain

Jaw pain can be caused by misaligned teeth that are putting pressure on the hinges of your jaw. Pain in your jaw is not normal, and you shouldn’t have to suffer with jaw pain. Oftentimes, adult braces can correct your teeth, which causes your pain to disappear.

Having Trouble Eating

Let’s face it, you have to eat to survive, and if you are finding that you are not enjoying eating because of tooth pain or tooth problems, then it’s time for a dental consultation from Shores Family Dentistry in Fort Collins. Are you favoring one side of your mouth over another? Do you find you bite down every time with only a few chosen teeth? When you invest in adult braces, you can fix your jaw, realign your teeth, and eliminate gaps, so you can enjoy going out to eat again.


At Shores Family Dentistry, we always put your needs and comfort first. We have been caring for our patients in Fort Collins for over three decades, and we hope to do so for three more decades. We do this by treating each of our patients like family, educating them on proper dental hygiene, and fixing whatever dental concerns or problems may arise.

Braces are no longer for just kids. Adults deserve a winning smile as well, and our professional dentists can help you with many types of orthodontic treatments, including traditional braces and Invisalign. When you connect with us for a dental consultation, we’ll perform a thorough exam, as well as review your dental records. We’ll then make dental recommendations based on our findings for your particular needs and wants. We guarantee that we’ll always do what we believe is right. Whether you are in need of dental implants or a root canal, our friendly and knowledgeable staff work diligently to ensure your every need is met. Call us today to schedule your dental consultation!