Accidents are a part of life, and none of us are immune to them. From tripping over your dog to getting in a fender bender, we just hope that when accidents strike, that they are minor.

One accident that thankfully doesn’t happen too often, but that does happen, is having an adult tooth knocked out. We see this most often while playing sports. This can be scary since we only have one set of teeth and so much in life depends upon our looks. If you or someone you know has an adult tooth knocked out, it’s important to know what to do because sometimes the tooth can be saved.

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  • Ensure it’s an adult tooth. Baby teeth cannot be replanted, so if your child has his or her baby tooth knocked out, this is no big deal besides maybe some pain associated with the blow.
  • Handle the tooth carefully. Once you’ve ascertained that the tooth is in fact an adult tooth, you will want to handle the tooth very carefully. Shores Family Dentistry recommends that you try not to touch the roots, which have periodontal ligaments attached that are necessary for healing. Try in fact to use a clean cloth to pick up the tooth gently by the chewing area.
  • Rinse the tooth with water if it’s dirty.
  • Put the tooth back into the socket from whence it came.
  • If you cannot for some reason get the tooth back into the socket, put the tooth inside you mouth by your cheek (only do this if you can be assured the tooth won’t be swallowed). You can also put the tooth into milk. The important thing is to not let the root dry out.
  • See your dentist or an emergency dentist as soon as possible.


Shores Family Dentistry in Fort Collins notes that timing is everything when an adult tooth is knocked out. If you can replace it within five minutes, odds are good you can save it. If it’s been under one hour, odds are pretty good that the tooth will be saved. Anything over that, and the tooth may not survive.

Your dentist will most likely ensure the tooth is in place and then splinter it so it doesn’t move. This will have to stay in place for up to eight weeks. A root canal may be necessary for the tooth to survive long-term.

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