As a Fort Collins dentist, I frequently counsel patients on how to save money on their dental bill. Let’s face it, dentistry can be expensive. But if you do not pay attention to your teeth and see a dentist regularly, it will be even more expensive, and painful in the long run. The following simple steps will help you avoid the expense and the pain.

1. Find a Fort Collins dentist you know and trust.

It’s crucial to pick the right one. We have over 100 Fort Collins dentists and that number is continuing to grow. Once you find the dentist that is perfect for you, stick with them. Staying with this dentist means they’ll know the best way to prevent broken teeth and cavities for many years. It’s not a good idea to follow the path of the best coupon. Using discounted Fort Collins dentists is not a discount at all if they do not emphasize prevention and you end up with extra treatment needs. A great place to find a great Fort Collins dentist is by asking friends for referrals. During your initial exam, the dentist should take their time. Do they concentrate on what you actually need and talk with you? Is prevention discussed in detail? Do they provide several options and discuss your specific dental treatment needs? Is it clear what their fees are going to be, and are they upfront about it? Usually Fort Collins dentists fees will be similar, but the level and quality of service can vary greatly. The amount of your dental bill will be a direct reflection of that service and quality in almost every case.

2. All Fort Collins Dentists Should Recommend You Brush, Floss, and Rinse.

It seems like a very simple task, but usually it is not. Many people don’t use any special rinse, floss, or even brush as they should. Getting good at oral hygiene on a daliy basis really takes time to become a habit. However, every person is different. Every time you see your Fort Collins dentist and hygienist, they need to give you detailed ways you can improve your overall dental care on a daily basis. If you’ve had, or have, crowns, cavities, or gum disease, be sure to discuss what else you should be implementing. Diligent Fort Collins dentists will recommend products that are specific to your situation or treatment. Also, ask about a mouth rinse. The proper rinse can help you save in overall expenses too.

3. Dental Care on a Regular Basis.

It’s not always simple to locate the money and time for dental care. Although, if a dental patient visits their Fort Collins dentist every six months, they will always reduce the cost of dentistry in the long run. You will likely not need a crown if your dentist is able to do a filling soon enough, before decay has taken over . That translates to around $800 in savings for you. A dental bridge or dental implant will not be necessary in most cases if they can repair a damaged tooth, before it breaks. (That translates to around $2000 in savings for you.) The biggest savings of all will come if the dentist can educate you in all aspects of home oral care on a daily basis (brushing, flossing, rinsing). This will help prevent unplanned, expensive, dental bills completely. That’s where the biggest savings come into play. Keep in mind, the more you prolong seeing a Fort Collins dentist, the more it will cost and the fewer options you’ll have access to.

Saving money on your dental bills is critical when budgeting during this uncertain economic time. See your Fort Collins dentist regularly and choose the best dentist for you and your family. Also, ensure you receive great instructions on daily prevention. The first step you need to take… Make an appointment immediately.

Jon Anderson DDS, (Dentist, Fort Collins)

(Dr. Jonathan Anderson is a practicing Fort Collins dentist (Colorado). Formerly an Associate Clinical Professor to the University of Colorado and to the University of Arizona. He is also an existing Member of the Board of Trustees for Delta Dental of Colorado)