Any of our Fort Collins Dentists can help you if you have stress from grinding your teeth or clenching. There is an implement that’s easily removable called a splint, or bite guard. It can be created and then specifically formed to match your top teeth and bottom teeth. The bite guard is manufactured using plastic, is very easy to use, and will not change your appearance. Requirements will be different depending on each patient’s unique situation.

Another problem we find at our Fort Collins Dental clinic is gnashing of the teeth. This condition happens so often that it’s been given the name “Bruxism” and is identified by rhythmic or spasmodic grinding. Often times, Bruxism can set off by psychological and mental anxiety, or simply from a condition called malocclusion. Malocclusion happens when the teeth are crooked, crowded, and out of place with one another. No matter what the cause, this condition needs to be investigated and treated because prolonged grinding or gnashing of teeth can create enormous wear, cause gum tissue to be aggravated, and potentially cause migraines. Not to mention the great discomfort in your neck and jaw.

While your Fort Collins Dentists are dealing with malocclusion, you will also be educated on how you can lower anxiety. This is when you may be offered the use of a bite plate to halt further injury to your teeth that happens as a result of grinding.

Obviously if neglected, grinding/clenching of your teeth can cause them to eventually shift position in your mouth. This can result in gum recession and provoke a typical deterioration of overall oral health among other things.

Having an examination by one of our qualified dentists will often determine whether or not your malocclusion will set off grinding or gnashing. In any case, current modern dental techniques have the ability to improve your teeth’s alignment and allow you to have a much more natural and comfortable bite. This can also help improve your overall appearance.

We regularly address issues of TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder) and malocclusion and have found that treating with heat and muscle relaxants can help. Additionally, as stated before, splints or bite plates have the ability to stop the unwanted negative effects of teeth gnashing and clenching. As a final resort, we can investigate the option for surgery. This is normally only needed in cases involving substantial wearing of the teeth.

Visit one of our Fort Collins Dentists at Shores Family Dentistry to find out if you have symptoms related to grinding, clenching, or gnashing of teeth.