Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride treatment involves the application of fluoride, a naturally occurring mineral, to the teeth. This treatment is designed to strengthen tooth enamel against harmful bacteria that results in tooth decay.

Why is Fluoride Treatment Important?
Fluoride treatment plays a crucial role in preventing tooth decay and cavities. By strengthening the enamel, fluoride helps to protect the teeth from the harmful effects of plaque and bacteria, ultimately reducing the risk of dental problems in the future.

What to Expect During Fluoride Treatment
During a fluoride treatment session at our practice, our experienced hygienist will apply a fluoride solution to your teeth either through a gel, foam or varnish. The treatment takes mere minutes and can be done during your regular dental checkup at Shores Family Dentistry. Just remember to refrain from drinking or eating for a short period of time after your appointment to make sure the fluoride fully penetrates the enamel.

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