Night Guards

Night guards are custom-made shields designed to fit snugly over your teeth while you sleep. These guards provide a cushioning barrier between your upper and lower teeth, preventing them from grinding or clenching together during the night, a condition known as bruxism. Reasons for bruxism can vary from stress and anxiety to misaligned teeth or sleep disorders. Regardless of the cause, the consequences of grinding your teeth can be serious, leading to worn enamel, jaw pain, headaches and even cracked teeth.

That is where night guards come in. By wearing a custom-fitted night guard, you not only protect your teeth from the damaging effects of grinding but also alleviate the discomfort associated with jaw clenching and tension headaches. Plus, with a comfortable and personalized fit, you can sleep soundly knowing your smile is in good hands.

At Shores Family Dentistry, we believe in providing personalized solutions tailored to your unique dental needs. When you come in for a consultation with Dr. Sara Megna or Dr. Brooke Kittell, our experienced dentists will assess your oral health and discuss whether a night guard could benefit you. If so, we will take precise impressions of your teeth to craft a custom night guard that fits you perfectly.

Investing in a night guard in Fort Collins, Colorado, is investing in your long-term dental health. By protecting your teeth from the harmful effects of grinding and clenching, you are not only preserving your smile but also preventing costly dental procedures down the road. So, if you are tired of waking up with jaw pain or sensitive teeth, it is time to take action. Schedule a consultation with our friendly dental team today by calling 970-226-2920.

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